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Solving Space Problems With in-wall Speakers

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r-5650-s-ii_front_thumbnailIn-wall speakers offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to home speakers, which take up a great deal of space while trailing wires and cords along the floor. They are easily installed in cavities between studs in most homes, offices and apartments. There are several benefits to using in-wall speakers, including sound quality.

In-wall speakers are well-suited to audio systems that span multiple rooms. They are also popular additions to home theater systems with surround sound. They are installable in any room, although if you plan to install them in a bathroom, look for moisture-resistant units. Since they take up little space, in-wall speakers are heavily configurable.

In-wall speakers have acoustical advantages, because being encased in a wall prevents them from buzzing and projects their sound clearly. Most in-wall speakers offer generally superior sound quality, with top-notch sensitivity and frequency response ranges along with powerful amplification. An in-ceiling speaker projects sound in a way that floor speakers can not.

You can paint the covers of in-wall speakers to match the decor of a particular room. While you are free to hire an electrician to install your speakers, you may choose to do this yourself, as the average in-wall speaker system comes with clear instructions.

In-wall speakers offer you plenty of choices. They are often priced about the same as free-standing speakers. They are also versatile, and many of them are equipped with swiveling tweeters, which allow you to angle the sound toward a particular part of a room. When installing in-wall speakers, cut into the wall carefully to avoid damaging any existing wiring behind it.

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Choosing the Perfect Set of Earrings for Your Big Event

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thumbnail (19)When you have a big event coming up, you want everything to be absolutely perfect and this includes your personal appearance.  Most women spend hours deciding on the perfect outfit, but when it comes to earrings, they often just grab their go-to set and this is it.  Earrings can have a profound impact on your entire outfit, so you want to always choose the right pair, especially when you will be attending a major event, where the focus is all on you!

What Will You Be Wearing?

Your outfit will play a major role in which earrings are the best option for the evening.  For example, if you are wearing something that is shiny, such as a metallic or sequined dress, you want to keep your jewelry simple and understated.  So, in this example, a great pair of small stud earrings will be a good option because they will not distract from the statement you are making with your dress.  Now, if you are wearing a basic little black dress, you can go a bit more bold with your earrings and choose something that dangles and really gets people’s attention.

What is Your Personal Jewelry Style?

Your personal style also plays a role because when it comes to a major event you want to be as comfortable as possible.  Nothing makes a person more comfortable than being themselves, so it is important to take your personal style and preferences into account.  If you are a person who prefers to keep things small and simple, then choose an earring that represents this style and then choose an outfit that is a bit more striking.  On the other hand, if you prefer making a statement with your jewelry, keep your outfit a bit simpler and go bit with a dramatic set of earrings.

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How to Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone

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1159235_15524953You foundation can help even out your skin tone and provide a smooth palette for your makeup. However, if you pick the wrong foundation, it can look like you’re wearing a mask, which can create a cartoonish effect. Instead of looking flawless, you’ll look like a caricature.

An easy way to pick out the right foundation is to apply a dab of it to the center of your jawline along the side of your face. The right shade should appear invisible, or blend right into your skin. However, if you are shopping for foundation online, you will need to learn what your undertone is. Here’s what you need to know about each type:

Cool Undertone
If you have cool undertones, the veins on your inner wrist will appear blue or purple. Your skin could have a red, pink or even blue tinge, and you are likely to turn pink in the sun. You are also likely to burn easily when exposed to the sun for long periods. Cool undertones are also likely to look best in silver jewelry. If you have cool undertones, you should use a foundation that has a rosy or reddish base.

Warm Undertone
If you have warm undertones, the veins on your inner wrist will appear green. Your skin has a yellow, gold or peach tinge to it, and when you’re in the sun, you are likely to bronze or tan. Gold jewelry will flatter your skin. If you have warm undertones, you should look for a foundation that has a golden or yellow base.

Neutral Undertone
Neutral undertones have blue-green veins on their inner wrists, and their skin tone is a combination of red/pink and yellow/gold. It is a combination of the other two skin types. Both gold and silver jewelry look good on you. The good news is that you can wear any type of foundation. Testing out shades is ideal to find just the right match.

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How to Find the Best Skin Cream

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thumbnailTaking care of your skin is a great way to keep yourself feeling fresh, healthy, and aglow. One of the easiest ways for women to do this is by applying anti-aging and moisturizing skin creams. Here are some key features to look for when purchasing skin creams to help you look and feel your best.

Key Ingredients

Reading labels on skin creams can be a frustrating and head-spinning process. However, when searching for skin creams, here are some key ingredients to keep in mind:

  • Coenzyme Q10: This plays a large role in the growth of new skin cells. When combined with a gentle exfoliating scrub, Coenzyme Q10 lends a hand in the regeneration of fresh, bright skin cells, meaning your face will be shining.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This naturally occurs in your skin. When this compound is added to creams, it joins with water in the skin, acting as a strong hydrator. This element aids in creating supple and soft skin.
  • Soy Protein: This is an effective element in reducing skin blotches and redness. It also includes Vitamin E, a powerful moisturizer that evens out skin tone and reduces dryness.
  • Jojoba Oil: This is a natural, plant-based element that is gentle on the skin while providing replenishment. It also helps to unclog pores, reducing black heads and greasy skin.

Discover Your Skin Type

Understanding your skin type can be a great help when purchasing skin creams. If you are prone to tight and dry skin, you should look for products that contain strong moisturizers like jojoba oil. If your skin is usually oily, you should purchase exfoliating scrubs and cleansing masks and avoid oil-based creams. If your skin is sensitive, it is best to avoid products with harsh chemicals and synthetics. Opt instead for aloe vera, coconut oil or shea butter.

By having knowledge of your skin type alongside what key ingredients to look for, you will be well on your way to glowing, healthy and stress-free skin. All it takes is a quick trip to your favorite beauty spa, online store or perhaps even your local esthetician.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

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1405046_15173439One of the most common deterrents for patients that are looking to get a cosmetic procedure done is choosing the right plastic surgeon. While most cosmetic procedures are safe, they can go seriously wrong in the wrong hands. Making sure that you choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is essential to making sure you get the results you’re looking for and more importantly, making sure you’re safe.

1. Check If Your Surgeon Is Board Certified
While checking if your surgeon is board certified is a no brainer, there are still cases of patients getting work done by doctors who didn’t have any business working on people cosmetically. Legally, doctors are allowed to practice many plastic surgery procedures so that’s why you want to make sure that the doctor you’re working with has an actual education and training in plastic surgery.

2. Look Up The Plastic Surgeon’s Records
Did you know that each state has a medical board where you can look at a doctor’s records? By looking up these state medical board websites, you can see if there have been any disciplinary actions by the board or if there have been malpractice judgments in the past.

3. Ask Questions Until You Feel Comfortable
Responsible plastic surgeons will be more than happy to answer all of your pressing questions about the procedure you’re interested in or about how the practice operates. Be wary about plastic surgeons that seem to be only interested in making the sale or seem avoidant about certain aspects of the procedure. You want to feel confident that you are in the right hands.

4. Ask for References
Many plastic surgeons will be glad to show you censored before and after pictures of their patients. But take it a step further and see if they can offer you real references from their past patients. While many patients are looking for confidentiality, some are open and will be happy to share their results with other patients. The plastic surgeon may actually have a couple of patients that you can talk to if he or she has been operating a practice for some time.

5. Ask About Emergency Situations And Post-op Options
While most procedures are safe, there’s still a chance that something can go wrong. Ask about how the plastic surgeon will respond to a life threatening emergency. Do they have access to an ambulance if you need to be transferred to a hospital? What other kinds of measures can the doctor take in case something happens? Will the plastic surgeon have a post-op room available for you to recover?

Plastic surgery can be safe and deliver great results if you choose the right surgeon for the job. These five tips will prove invaluable in helping you find a qualified plastic surgeon you can trust. For more helpful content, go visit http://www.drvanputten.com/blog.asp

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Beading Your Hair

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girl-470311-mStringing beads in your hair can be a fashionable way to add some character and style to your look, and it’s really easy to do.  To start with, you’ll need some thin millimeter beading wire, and, of course, the beads you desire to wear.  If you’re in doubt about the color of the beads, think about the colors you like to wear and try to choose bead colors that will match or complement your style of dressing.

While the entire head can be sectioned off into small squares and the whole head beaded, you can begin with a single strand of beads, as a highlight and an accent piece. You’ll need to decide whether you want your beads to begin at your scalp or down a few inches.

To begin, you need to measure the length of your hair, from where you plan the beading to begin to the ends, and then cut your wire twice as long, plus a couple of inches.  Next, bend your wire in half, over a small strand of your hair.  (Note: you don’t want the section of hair together with the two wires to be thicker than the diameter of the beads you plan on using.)  Pull the rest of your hair in a ponytail in order to keep it out of your way.  Tighten the wire around the hair so that it will not be likely to move while you’re adding beads.  (It will help you keep control if you wet the strand of hair upon which you’re beading.)

Continue to add beads, and you might like to add spacers for variety; until you have almost reached the point on your hair length where you can bead no further.  Being very careful not to cut your own hair, cut the wire, leaving enough so that the last bead you’re going to add will cover it.  Add your last bead, making sure the wire is fully “in” the bead’s hole.  Now take a rubber band that is large enough to wrap several times around the beaded section of your hair and become wound thick enough that it’s wider than the diameter of the last bead, in order to keep the beads on your hair…and that’s it!

You can experiment with beading more than one section of your hair, alternating the types of beads, colors and types…it’s up to you.  It’s a fun way to create a whole new look, and its’ one you can easily do yourself.

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How to Get the Best Body Shave

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thumbnail (19)When body hair begins to grow out of control you can begin to feel more and more like Sasquatch; wondering through the woods alone rather than among your fellow man. To keep this overgrowth in check you should probably trim back that body mane at least once a month or more; if you feel inclined.

There in lies the question: How do you keep up the look of a clean shaven body without causing ingrown hairs or rashes?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it is often mistreated and abused by us; of course we don’t mean to do this to our skin, but it happens none the less. With traditional methods of hair removal you are required to use a variety of skin products in order to ensure that you are getting the best shave possible. The problem with this is that these products are not very good, and we’ll start off with water.

Yes, water is not very good for shaving, and yet it is the basis in which you start to shave yourself normally. The thing with water is this, your skin loves it, it loves it so much that it absorbs it into itself. When your skin pulls water in it puffs up a bit, this puffiness is a detriment for shaving because it can conceal the base the of the hair shaft and make it near impossible to get a close shave. You’ve experienced this fully when you are in a pool for too long, the dreaded raisin skin!

Next is shaving cream, another topical product that does nothing for you. Shaving cream is supposed to help the shaving process by giving the skin a barrier between itself and the razor, it also is supposed to moisturize. But it doesn’t do a good job because if the skin is lacking moisture already, the thirty seconds of shaving cream that sits on the skin will not give it the moisture it needs.

If you keep your skin moisturized by using skin products, you are doing what water and shaving cream claim to do, and that’s giving your skin moisture. If you aren’t keeping up on the moisturizing and have to shave anyway, then an electric razor is the way to go!

Why? Because these babies are built to work on any surface and due to their design the blades are built to come up close to the skin without pulling or cutting. Bonus, they work on dry skin, no water or foam required! When you are looking to get a great all body shave, look no further than an electric razor for consistent results.

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Things You Need to Make Moving a Lot Easier

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packing-2-1117483-mWhen you are moving into a new home, you know that it is something that is exhausting and takes a lot of time. You want to do whatever you can to make your life a bit easier so that the move goes as smoothly as possible. There are certain items that will ensure your move goes well so that you can quickly get your moved out of your old home and into your new one, allowing you to quickly get your home in order and get back to your regular life. These items are pretty basic and things that you can easily buy and use.

Use a Dolly to Move Your Items
A dolly is necessary for moving your large items, such as dressers and appliances because these items tend to be heavy and bulky. It can be hard to maneuver when you have multiple people carrying an item and a dolly helps to eliminate this potential back breaking experience. Many things can be put on a dolly and then moved by a single person or two at the most. You will find that this makes your move a lot easier to pull off. A dolly also makes things faster because you can move multiple boxes at a time instead of carrying them out one by one.

Get Sturdy Boxes for Your Belongings
You want to be able to pack as much in a box as possible so that you have fewer boxes to move, but if you are using cheap boxes, you will find that you cannot pack them full without the risk of them breaking. There is nothing worse than carrying a box and having the bottom fall out of it because you will need to just find a new box, repack it, and then get it moved – putting you behind schedule and leaving even more frustrated with the delay and possible broken items. Packing with sturdy boxes from the get go will save you a lot of time.

Use a Good Quality Tape
You want to be able to keep your boxes sealed shut until you personally choose to open them. This means that you need a good quality tape that is easy to use. Some people will use duct tape and this is not actually a bad idea because duct tape is known to work well and keep things sealed up tight. Whatever you decide, always err on the side of caution to avoid wasting more time and money than necessary.

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Flameless Candle Options

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thumbnail (12)While candles create an intimate and calming ambiance, open flames may not always be feasible or appropriate.  There are obvious risks that come with a large number of exposed flames.  Flames can also be accidently blown out, ruining the intended effect.  You can still arrive at the same effect by using some alternate flameless candle options.  The following are a few candle styles to consider for your next event.

LED Lights

LED lights are a great way to utilize the unique effect of lighting without having to deal with the hassle of candles.  LED lights can even be submersed underwater to illuminate a centerpiece or water feature.  These LED lights are available in a variety of colors, adding to their versatility.  The battery life extends up to 48-hours, making them to perfect option regardless of the length of your event or party.

Battery-Powered Candles

Battery-powered candles are the perfect option when you want a safe, no hassles lighting option without the flame.  There are flameless candles options that are made of wax, giving the appearance of a real candle, even releasing an appealing scent.  These flameless candles come with an easy-to-use switch to turn the candle on and off.

Remote Controlled Candles

Igniting your arrangement of battery-powered candles has never been easier with the use of a remote control.  These candles can easily be turned on or off with the touch of a button.  By implementing the use of remote controlled candles, you can focus on hosting a great party instead of stressing out about keeping candles lit.

You can maximize your décor by using the effect of candlelight without having to worry about lighting candles and keeping them lit.  The versatility and ease offered by these different flameless candles make decorating for your event stress-free.  For a wide range of battery-powered or LED candles, visitwww.millenniumcandles.com.

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Engraved, and in Your Own Handwriting…

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HandwrittenChimeSailThe process is easy for you, all you have to do is write your sentiment and whatever else you desire to impart to the recipient in a black fine-tipped Sharpie pen.  And then, on a piece of plain, unlined white paper, write away!  You can put a saying, a message, a question (like, “Will you marry me?” on the paper, and once they receive it, what you wrote will be transferred and created into a template to be made just the right size for what is to be personalized.  Next, the engraving is conducted, leaving what earlier was a box, picture frame, glass – but now is alive with a personal flair.

A one-of-a-kind gift to personalize is by engraving is a wind chime.  These are available with prose and wisdom already engraved upon the tubes that hang vertically and resonate as they dance together with the other music makers, but you can always add your own personalization to make it extra personal and special.  Wind chimes are especially ideal for when you hope to remind the recipient of a certain person or memory, as every time the wind blows enough, the wind chime will play in response, its melody, dancing on the air and into the heart of the person who hears it.

When it’s personalized, it’s truly from the heart, but when it appears to be personally engraved with the gifter’s own handwriting, it becomes more of a work of art.  It takes the whole process one step further and makes it truly personal, on both ends.  Personally engraved items make splendid gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen, and there are many items from which to choose, from quality golf sets for the groomsmen, to picture frames and martini sets for the bridesmaids.  Taking it a step further, would be to receive a gift engraved in the gifter’s handwriting, with the name of the recipient as a main component of the gift.

When you want to give something really inspirational and unique, consider personalized engraving, in your own way.

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